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Promáquina Mechanical Industry was founded in 1988 by Nelson Scavazini and his sons, Marcelo G. Scavazini and Nelson Scavazini Jr., who together started an industrial machining service and

equipment restoration company.

Promáquina's entrance into the mechanical technology segment began in the early 90's, by means of a major challenge proposed by the leading multinational company in the supply of beverage and food bottling/packaging and capping. This partnership has lasted over 20 years, generating growth and technology.

 Being more than adapted to the international standard requirements, Promáquina decided to explore new markets and began to develop solutions for bottling and capping systems for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Chemical segments.

By developing high performance technology, Promáquina conquered its space by being present in the largest Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical and Food laboratories and companies in Brazil, Latin America and the United States.

Throughout its period of activity, Promáquina established partnerships with its clients, developing the most suitable solution for each need, creating reliability and loyalty.





Promáquina is a Brazilian company, which develops high performance technology in bottling and capping lines for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Chemical, Food and Beverage segments.
With the purpose of better understanding its clients' real needs, Promáquina has sought to provide and guarantee the most suitable solutions for the most distinct needs, with their focus on the processes, products, packaging, production or any other innovation need.

Extremely committed to client satisfaction, Promáquina has conquered and maintained its global recognition through its quality and know-how in solutions, constantly surpassing the expectations of its target markets.
















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